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Marius Trandafir, MD



Schedule: Tuesday: 15:00- 21:00

Education and Professional Experience:

  • May 2019 - Present: Rheumatology Specialist at Polimed Tineretului, Bucharest
  • June 2019 - Present: Rheumatology Specialist at Cliniqmed Consult, Giurgiu
  • June 2018-Present: Rheumatology Specialist at the Slobozia County Emergency Hospital, Slobozia
  • June 2017 - Present: Rheumatology Specialist in Sanador, Bucharest
  • March 2017 - October 2017: Rheumatology Specialist at MedLife
  • April 2017 - Present: Rheumatology Specialist at Biomed, Slobozia
  • October 2016-March 2018: Rheumatology Specialist at the Sfanta Maria Clinical Hospital Bucharest
  • October 2015 - present: Doctoral Studies at UMF Carol Davila Bucharest; Doctoral thesis: "From the concept of T2T to implementation in clinical practice in spondylitis" - scientific leader Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Ionescu
  • March 2013 - Present: Rheumatology Specialist at Rheumaoculocenter SRL, Bucharest
  • 2013-2016: Rheumatology resident doctor, training in the “Sfanta Maria” Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Internal Medicine and Rheumatology department
  • 2006-2012: "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, Bucharest Faculty of General Medicine
  • 2002-2006 - "Mihai Viteazul" National College Slobozia Ialomita, Intensive Informatics profile 


Medical Management Certificate - course graduated in 2017 at the National School of Public Health Management and Improvement in the Sanitary Field Bucharest

Certified Ultrasound of the Locomotor System - November 2018

Advanced musculoskeletal ultrasound course - Madrid, June 2017

Intermediate course of musculoskeletal ultrasound - Bucharest, October 2016

EULAR online musculoskeletal ultrasound course 2016

Eular Berlin epidemiology course 2015

Bone Densitometry Certificate (Osteoporosis Essentiales Course) April 2018 ISCD & RCRD

Scientific papers: 

  • Main author "Optimization of treatment in rheumatoid arthritis" Romanian Journal of Rheumatology 2013
  • Secondary author "Study of neoplasms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis" Romanian Journal of Rheumatology 2014
  • Secondary author "Do our chronic rheumatic patients receive less support from their life partners than the acute patients?" Ann Rheum Dis 2014
  • Secondary author „Ankylosing spondylitis functional and activity indices in clinical practic” Journal of Medicine and Life 2014.
  • Secondary author "Can a Different Pattern of Radiographic Sacroiliitis Evaluation be Identified Using Eye-Gaze Traking?" Ann Rheum Dis 2015
  • Secondary author poster EULAR " Does eye gaze tracking have the ability to assess how rheumatologists evaluate musculoskeletal ultrasound images?"  Roma 2015
  • Secondary author “Can a Different Pattern of Radiographic Sacroiliitis Evaluation be Identified Using Eye-Gaze Traking?” Ann Rheum Dis 2015
  • Main author in the presentation of the III National Conference with International Participation of the Romanian Society of Pediatric Rheumatology entitled "Ankylosing spondylitis with juvenile onset in adult life" Iasi 2015
  • Secondary author "Fear of falling, risk of falling and risk of fragility fractures in osteoporosis" CNR 2015 Bucharest
  • Main author „Blood Pressure is not changed by topical NSAID- A pilot continous automated blood pressure monitor study” EULAR Londra 2016
  • Main author of the clinical case "Difficulties in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with juvenile onset in adulthood" at the National Congress of Pediatric Rheumatology Cluj-Napoca 2017
  • Secondary author “Could we use the lay referral system to improve the early arthritis clinic efficiency ?” Ann Rheum Dis 2017
  • Main author "Therapeutic strategies in patients with ankylosing spondylitis treated with biological therapy" National Congress of Rheumatology Bucharest 2017
  • Co-author of the poster "Rheumatic polymyalgia and giant cell arteritis: successive stages of the same disease?", National Congress of Rheumatology 2017
  • Co-author Poster "Is there an association between systemic lupus erythematosus and mixed connective tissue disease?", National Congress of Rheumatology 2017
  • Autor principal „Disease activity indices and C-reactive protein predict switching of the first biological agent in akilosing spondylitis- a single-center observational study”  Romanian Journal of Rheumatology, No 3, 2017
  • Autor principal „ Baseline inflammatory markers and disease activity indices predict tapering of biologic agents in ankylosing spondylitis”  Romanian Journal of Rheumatology, No 1, 2018
  • Autor secundar “Advances in the treatment of uveitis in patients with spondyloarthritis - is it the time for biologic therapy?” Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology , No 2, 2018
  • Autor principal “Usefulness of complex bacteriological and serological analysis in patients with spondyloarthritis” ,Experimental and therapeutic medicine, February 2019 



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Musculoskeletal ultrasound





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