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Electrotherapy For Children

Electrotherapy for children

Over time, electrotherapy has proven to be an effective solution for the bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and various cells of our body that are positively influenced by electricity.

In the pediatric medical recovery department, electrotherapy is used to stimulate the hypotonic skeletal muscles, producing strong, well-supported muscle contractions. Electrotherapy consists of using an electric current to stimulate the tissues in order to cure various diseases or recover certain lost functions of the body.

Duration of electrotherapy treatment: Patients are recommended 3 series of 10 electrotherapy sessions, with a break between series of 3 weeks, the duration of one session being 30 minutes.

The specialists of the pediatric medical recovery department use multiple electrotherapy procedures: direct electric current and alternating electric current, these being in turn divided into low, medium, and high-frequency currents, with the help of the Chattanooga equipment. 

How does electrotherapy work on the body?

When applying electric current, the sensitive receptors in the skin register a tingling sensation that increases in proportion to the intensity of the current.

Electrotherapy can be used in all types of pathology:

  • degenerative and post-traumatic joint diseases
  • abarticular rheumatic diseases (muscles, tendons, fascia, and synovium)
  • peripheral nerve diseases (traumatic injuries and their sequelae)
  • abarticular inflammations
Electromyography and stimulation add value to physical therapy, and thus fast results are obtained. It is used for the recovery of hypotonic muscles from any joint (talus-valgus leg, genus-valgus, genus-recurvatum, coxa antetorsa, scapulohumeral subluxation).

Ultrasound for children

Ultrasound is an electro-thermal therapy, the fundamental effect on which ultrasonic applications are based is the heating of deep structures. In pediatric pathology, ultrasound can be applied in post-traumatic sequelae: contusions, sprains, epicondylitis, fractures with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Duration of ultrasound treatment: The patient is recommended 10 ultrasound sessions, daily, the duration of an ultrasound session on an area is 2-5 min, 6-10 min for large joints, the total application time being a maximum of 10-15 min.

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In the Specialized Pediatric Medical Recovery Department we are glad to have  Ruxandra Tudosoiu in our team. She is overspecialized in Schroth therapy for the treatment of scoliosis, with 7 years of experience, fully involved in recovering patients. We have Sorina Micu, a physiotherapist passionate about working and interacting with children, overspecialized in Schroth therapy, which aims to prevent or recover from disabilities due to some conditions or injuries, Anne Iordanescu , physiotherapist specializing in pediatric rehabilitation and Ana Coman, with over 3 years of experience in this field. 

The department covers an area of ​​100 sq. meters, has ultra-modern equipment and consists of a team of specialists. Besides our 4 physiotherapists, we enjoy the presence of doctors Orlando Marinescu and Tomescu Cezar, pediatric orthopedic doctors, but also of psychologists Elena Florea and Carmen Hotar, specialists who help us in diagnosing children, in developing treatments, psychological counseling of children and parents, speech therapy and social and family integration of all children.

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You can find here a detailed list of the prices of individual services. But any correct recovery process is based on a mixed plan of therapies and procedures, customized according to the condition, stage of the condition, patient profile, and other objective medical factors. As a result, in order to configure a treatment plan, with the therapies involved and the prices related to the plan, please make an appointment here for an initial consultation.



Because in our clinic every treatment is based on a diagnosis and is done under medical supervision.
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