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Orthopedics examination

Medical information reviewed by: ANDREI BOGDAN, MD, Orthopedics-traumatology doctor

What involves an orthopedic consultation?

The services of the orthopedics department are divided into the following categories:

  • Initial consultation: from the first symptoms, consultation followed by a recommended investigation, or direct diagnosis.
  • Consultation after investigations: in orthopedics, many diseases need imaging investigations (MRI, ultrasound) to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Control consultation: after completing the recovery stage, after surgery, or after performing some procedures.
  • Joint infiltrations - with Vasco-elastic solutions and modern techniques with extraordinary benefits for joint mobility. 
  • Specific therapies - innovative techniques worldwide for the restoration of cartilaginous or bone tissue. 

Establishing the diagnosis

For all traumatic or chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the private Centrokinetic clinic in Bucharest is prepared with an integrated Orthopedics Department, which offers all the necessary services to the patient, from diagnosis to post-treatment recovery.

The department consists of orthopedic doctors, with surgical activity within the Sanador and Medlife medical systems, specialized in sports traumatology and ankle and foot surgery, in the knee and hip prosthesis. Centrokinetic has built a team of renowned orthopedists, who offer diagnostic consultations and make treatment plans.

  • Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan – primary care physician in orthopedics-traumatology, overspecialized in sports traumatology
  • Dr. Orlando Marinescu - primary care physician in pediatric surgery and orthopedics, working at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital
  • Dr. Cezar Tomescu  -  pediatric orthopedics specialist, working at Medife Pediatric Hospital
  • Dr. Catalin Gican - orthopedics-traumatology specialist, with 6 years of experience in orthopedics; he attended a series of specialization courses and training courses in Spain, France, Germany, Bosnia, Slovenia and here, in Romania, having a passion for sports traumatology.
  • Dr. Alexandru Crintea - orthopedics-traumatology specialist, with a vast activity at Sanador Hospital and numerous specialized courses
  • Dr. Stanciu Lucian - orthopedics-traumatology specialist, with a vast activity at Medicover Hospital Bucharest and Ilfov County Emergency Hospital, with numerous courses and training courses in Germany, Austria and Ireland
  • Dr. Baciu Cosmin - orthopedics-traumatology specialist, doctor in medicine, assistant professor at UMF Carol Davila, with a vast activity in the Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital
  • Dr. Zorila Horatiu -  orthopedics physician, specialized in knee and hip prosthesis.

The integrated approach, from diagnosis to recovery, is preferable primarily for the patient, because:

  •  Provides neutrality to the surgery decision. The orthopedist must, and in this case can, evaluate without any constraint the benefits versus the patient's effort for each treatment option (surgical or non-invasive) and recommend the best option for each case.
  • It allows the possibility of carrying out the medical recovery plan under the direct supervision of the attending physician. Whether it is a post-surgical, post-traumatic recovery, or a chronic condition, the doctor who diagnosed and performed the surgery (as appropriate) monitors the progress of the recovery and can validate or adjust the treatment plan in real-time, to get the best possible result after recovery.
  • It offers the possibility to implement complete protocols in the clinic, from the first visit to the complete recovery. The Centrokinetic Clinic is among the few clinics in Romania that operate based on predefined medical protocols, developed by Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, under internationally established practices.

Find the latest news by following the Facebook and YouTube accounts of the Centrokinetic clinic. If there is an orthopedic emergency, make an appointment for a medical exam!


You can find here a detailed list of the prices of individual services. But any correct recovery process is based on a mixed plan of therapies and procedures, customized according to the condition, stage of the condition, patient profile, and other objective medical factors. As a result, in order to configure a treatment plan, with the therapies involved and the prices related to the plan, please make an appointment here for an initial consultation.

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Because in our clinic every treatment is based on a diagnosis and is done under medical supervision.
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