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Ultrasound Samsung

Article written by: ANDREI BOGDAN, MD, Orthopedics-traumatology doctor

What is a musculoskeletal ultrasound machine?

The Samsung HS50 musculoskeletal ultrasound machine is a non-invasive, non-radiant, and painless scanning method, with a diagnostic role for many conditions, from ruptured ligaments to herniated discs, but also for precise needle guidance during injections.

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What are the advantages of the Samsung ultrasound device?

Samsung HS50 is a great choice when you need a musculoskeletal ultrasound. The images offered by this device are of superior quality and increased efficiency in the examination, thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use design. There are major advantages in using musculoskeletal ultrasound compared to other imaging methods.

It has no contraindications. Even patients with metal implants or heart implants can do this type of examination (which is impossible with MRI). In addition, patients are in a more comfortable position and tolerate this method much more easily.

Allows dynamic real-time examination of the patient. Static imaging cannot clearly show moving tissues and structures when pain and dysfunction can occur. For example, the shoulder may not be painful if it is not moved forward. However, with a musculoskeletal ultrasound, the doctor can see what happens to the fixed joint at that moment of movement that causes pain. Dynamic examinations may show changes in conditions such as shoulder impingement, which would not occur on a static MRI.

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Facilitates quick bilateral comparison. Physicians who perform ultrasound examinations can quickly assess contralateral limbs to detect bilateral asymmetries and assess whether the pathology exists or whether it is simply reduced to anatomical variability.
Most ultrasound scans are non-invasive (without needles or injections) and are usually painless, as with the Samsung HS50. Ultrasound is widely available, easy to use, and less expensive than other imaging methods. Ultrasound imaging does not use any ionizing radiation.
Allows accuracy. While imaging tests such as MRI may lose tiny details, ultrasound technology allows the doctor to visualize more complex structures in the body to detect abnormalities. Doctors are trained to administer therapeutic injections under ultrasound guidance to improve efficacy, decrease pain, and improve outcomes.
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