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Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric neuromotor physiotherapy

In the first year of life, the child has the most motor acquisitions, from coarse movements (rolling, standing on all fours and standing) to defined movements, necessary to carry out daily activities (grabbing objects with two and three fingers, independent eating, independent clothing).

In children at risk (born before 38 weeks of gestation, premature; with an APGAR score less than 8 at birth, created from twin / triplet pregnancies or from pregnancies obtained by IVF), problems may occur in neuromotor development, which must identified and corrected as soon as possible after birth.

This is where neuromotor recovery comes in, which consists of a set of specific techniques and methods designed to correct the muscular and articular deficiencies of the child at risk.

At the Centrokinetic clinic, the neuromotor recovery of children is done in the Department of Pediatric Medical Recovery. We are glad that our team includes Ruxandra Tudosoiu, overspecialized in Schroth therapy for the treatment of scoliosis, with 7 years of experience, involved body and soul in recovering patients, Sorina Micu, physiotherapist passionate about working and interacting with children, overspecialized in Schroth therapy, which aims to prevent or recover from disabilities due to illness or injury, Sorina Micu, physiotherapist specializing in child recovery.

The department covers an area of 100 m2, has ultra-modern equipment and consists of a team of specialists. Besides the 4 physiokinetotherapists, we enjoy the presence of doctors Orlando Marinescu and Stanciu Albert, pediatric orthopedic doctors, but also psychologists Laura Alexandrescu and Carmen Grigorescu Hotar, specialists who help us in diagnosing children, in developing treatments, psychological counseling of children and parents, speech therapy and the social and family integration of all children.


After evaluating the child's neuromotor development, physiotherapists set short, medium and long-term goals, but also the appropriate type of therapy.

The therapy is individualized from one child to another and even from one session to another by pursuing precise goals, well established and discussed in the team with the parent.

The stage of global neuro-motor development is closely followed, but also the segmental deficits for a harmonious development, with the limitation to the maximum possible of any vicious position or position that would lead in time to severe bone and muscle deformities, difficult to stabilize.

Centrokinetic therapists use working techniques such as Bobath, Kabat, Tardieu, Le Metayer and others dedicated to the child's pathology and status at the time of therapy, constantly using communication with the child and the parent to have an overview of the child's neurodevelopment.
Therapy sessions are 40 minutes, during which the parent learns how to approach and stimulate the child, which is recommended to continue at home.
The sessions can be performed daily or 1, 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the objectives set at the first meetings and the child's pathology.
Neuro-motor physiotherapy addresses the child's neurological pathology, our team having long experience in recovering from: neuromuscular diseases, genetic diseases, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus paresis, congenital myasthenia, spinal amyotrophy, Snd Sturger Webber, Angelman Sindrom, Prader Will Syndrome, Joubert syndrome, Poland syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, spastic paraparesis, spastic tetraparesis, hypotonic syndrome, central coordination disorders, dyskinesia, myelomeningocal, atrogriposis, Down syndrome, chromosome 18 deletion, achondroplasia, post meningitis or encephalitis paresis .


Because in our clinic every treatment is based on a diagnosis and is done under medical supervision.
INFO: Centrokinetic does not collaborate with the National Health Insurance House.



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