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Periso Diamagnetic Pump

Article written by: ANDREI BOGDAN, MD, Orthopedics-traumatology doctor

What is the Periso diamagnetic pump?

Centrokinetic Clinic has the Periso diamagnetic pump, the main instrumental evolution in the field of non-invasive rehabilitation. With this equipment, treatments are made with DIAMAGNETIC therapy using the selective interaction on different biological tissues of the super pulsed magnetic fields (2 Tesla) and the low-frequency magnetic fields (7 Hz) generated by the diamagnetic pump.

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What is Diamagnetic Therapy (MDA)?

Diamagnetic therapy, also called MDA (Molecular Diamagnetic Acceleration), is:

  • A non-invasive and completely painless therapy
  • A therapy that can be adapted to the complexity of the medical case
  • A treatment method technique applicable immediately after trauma or in the pre and/or postoperative phases
  • A method of treatment that can be applied even if the patient has skin problems (conditions that immobilize the patient in bed, diabetic foot, postoperative wounds) without the need for direct skin contact
  • A treatment method that can be applied even if the patient has immobilized limbs (with bandages, orthoses, plaster) without the need for direct contact with the skin
  • A treatment method capable of implanting drugs without the use of needles or electricity, with a huge advantage for the patient in terms of comfort and repeatability of the intervention.


The magnetic field generated by CTU Mega 20 interacts directly with body tissues, with immediately visible benefits. The mechanisms of action generated for diamagnetic therapy are:

  • Movement of liquids: water and many organic compounds have diamagnetic properties. Diamagnetic therapy, through the interaction with intra- and extracellular fluids, allows the stimulation and normalization of essential body water functions: transport of nutrients and metabolites, protection of body homeostasis, tissue drainage, and intracellular biochemical balance, regulation of body temperature.
  • Endogenous biostimulation: diamagnetic therapy generates endogenous stimulation because the electric current, generated by the variable magnetic field of CTU Mega 20, is developed directly inside the tissues. Therefore, endogenous stimulation can be used without generating pain or tenderness on damaged tissues (ulcers, wounds, wounds). By varying the frequencies and morphology of the magnetic pulse, Diamagnetic therapy allows a selective intervention on different tissues of therapeutic interest.
  • Pain control: the magnetic field has an important analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Due to diamagnetic therapy, it is possible to create this effect that will target pain nerve receptors, thanks to the use of specific frequencies of electrical stimulation. The pain control action is also functional for treating trigger points and can be used as an autonomous therapy or integration of a wider therapeutic action.
  • Diathermy: The CTU Mega 20 Diamagnetic Pump can also use radiofrequency in addition to the magnetic field. Especially in inflammatory pathologies, the contemporary activity of diamagnetic therapy and diathermy allows obtaining the so-called "pushing and pulling effect." Under normal operating conditions, the movement of liquids induced only by the diathermic process suffers from a blockage. To keep the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects of the tissue active, diathermy and diamagnetic therapy are superimposed. The force generated by the magnetic field improves the drainage effect, causing the removal of fluids in the tissues involved in vasodilation. By introducing diathermy in capacitive/resistive mode, the device automatically activates a system for monitoring tissue impedance variations.

There is also the possibility to use the Periso diamagnetic pump in the double neutral operation mode, allowing the treatment of the wide area of the body, guaranteeing the balancing and energetic uniformity. This allows to reduce the treatment time and to hasten the expected benefits.



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