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Welcome to Centrokinetic! The most appreciated orthopedics and medical rehabilitation clinic, according to the number of patients and the number of 5-star Google reviews. See below how we can help you with and schedule a consultation in Bucharest, Brasov or Cluj-Napoca.

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About Centrokinetic

Centrokinetic is a medical system dedicated to osteo-articular conditions, in Bucharest, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca, with a team of over 150 doctors and therapists specialized in orthopedics and neurological conditions, both for adults and children.

Currently, we operate from seven locations, four of them located in Bucharest (Floreasca area, Barbu Vacarescu area, Militari area, Dristor area), two in Brasov (Carpatilor area and Mihai Viteazul area) and the seventh one in Cluj-Napoca.

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Our patients' opinion

I am very happy that I managed with the people from Centrokinetic to recover from a ski accident and 3 knee injuries - ligament rupture, meniscus injury and another injury to another ligament - without surgery. They supported me both physically and mentally at every step of the therapy and after 5 months I continue to go to the clinic for kineto and prama. Thanks to the whole team, I always feel great after each session. I recommend with confidence!

Clinic with real professionals, modern equipment, kind and well-trained people. I recommend it to everyone who needs medical recovery!

At Centrokinetic, from the doorstep, you are greeted by a staff with a professionalism and empathy towards patients, impeccable. Here is what we all want: Professionalism, empathy, devotion, respect. Thank you and good luck!

Thank you all for your effort, support and understanding. Good luck!

I am very satisfied with the services offered! I am also confident that my little girl's problem will be solved well. I would like to thank the whole team and also emphasize the fact that I was lucky to meet real professionals!

?Thank you, Andrei Bogdan MD! An extraordinary man!

I had a very pleasant experience, the treatment had the expected effect. Professionals!

Everything - the profile activity, the staff, the endowments - is of the highest quality level.

Professionalism and good organization, patient helped to detail, complete examination and flexible solutions. Superlative appreciations.

A clinic with medical staff that are and not only exceptional ... but who do this job with heart. With respect and professionalism and who are kind and empathetic with patients who come here with health problems .... Congratulations! .... Thanks for everything!

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