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Equipment And Technologies

Medical information reviewed by: ANDREI BOGDAN, MD, Orthopedics-traumatology doctor


Centrokinetic Clinic offers you complete services, highly specialized staff and modern equipment that helps you have a complex recovery process. Our services benefit from a wide variety of devices and technologies that address your specific needs: physical therapy, physiotherapy, body remodeling , thorough investigations and treatments.

In the Physical therapy department, our clinic facilitates your training with the help of modern equipment, such as: Quickboard training board, PRAMA training room, Vertimax training board and Galilleo vibration platform.

In the Physiotherapy department , you can benefit from treatments with PERISO diamagnetic pump, Tecar Winback, ZIMMER, TRITON CHATTANOOGA elongation table, MLS Laser and K LASER or you can experience the alternative Game Ready drainage.

If you need detailed investigations, the Centrokinetic clinic is helping you with three modern devices: Esaote E-Scan MRI, NIHON Electromyograph and SAMSUNG Ultrasound.

Centrokinetic is the place where you will find clear answers and solutions for your motricity problems. The clinic is dedicated to osteoarticular diseases and is divided into the following specialized departments:
  • Orthopedics , a department composed of an extremely experienced team of orthopedic doctors, led by Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, primary care physician in orthopedics-traumatology, with surgical activity at Medlife Orthopedic Hospital, specialized in sports traumatology and ankle and foot surgery. .
  • Pediatric orthopedics , where children's sports conditions are treated (ligament and meniscus injuries), spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis) and those of the feet (hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, equine larynx, flat valgus, hollow foot).
  • Neurology , which has an ultra-performing department, where consultations, electroencephalograms (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) are performed. 
  • Medical recovery  for adults and  children , department specialized in the recovery of performance athletes, in spinal disorders, in the recovery of children with neurological and traumatic diseases. Our experience is extremely rich, treating over 5000 performance athletes.
  • Medical imaging , the clinic being equipped with ultrasound and MRI, high-performance devices dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders, and complemented by an experienced team of radiologists: Dr. Sorin Ghiea and Dr. Cosmin Pantu, specialized in musculoskeletal imaging.

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You can find here a detailed list of the prices of individual services. Any correct recovery process is based on a mixed plan of therapies and procedures, customized according to the condition, stage of the condition, patient profile, and other objective medical factors. As a result, in order to configure a treatment plan, with the therapies involved and the prices related to the plan, please make an appointment here for an initial consultation.


Centrokinetic clinic provides you with modern equipment and super-specialized staff that helps you thoroughly investigate your ailments. You don't need to change the clinic to get an MRI or an ultrasound.


Physiotherapy equipment and technologies

Centrokinetic Clinic has the latest equipment and technologies that can help you in physiotherapy treatments. Find out more about the equipment used in the Physiotherapy department.



Centrokinetic Clinic has modern equipment and new technologies that help those undergoing specific treatments that include physical therapy.



See here how you can make an appointment and the location of our clinics.