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Lymphatic drainage

Medical information reviewed by: ADINA MATEI, MD, Medical rehabilitation doctor
Drenajul limfatic

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is a vital way for the body to defend itself against infections and diseases. Drainage is performed with the help of special drainage devices, this being the most efficient method.
The lymphatic system is the second circulatory system of the body. It is categorized into lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymph (the interstitial fluid that drains through the vessels), and lymphocytes (specialized immune cells). The tonsils, spleen, and thymus are all constituent parts of the lymphatic system.
Our lymph nodes are small, soft internal structures located in the armpit, groin, and neck, as well as in the chest or abdomen. The lymph nodes produce the cells of the immune system that act against infections, at the same time filtering the lymphatic fluid and eliminating foreign bodies. When any bacteria is present in the lymph, the lymph nodes increase their lymphocyte production, thus generating their inflammation.
The lymphatic system does not have a pump to facilitate the circulation of the lymph through the system, as the circulatory system has the heart. Thus, body movement and respiratory function facilitate the circulation of the lymph through vessels and its lymph nodes filtration. In people who do not benefit from much movement, the lymphatic system can be easily blocked - so the human body becomes susceptible to infections.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is an easy remedy with profound effects. Lymph drainage can accelerate the volume of lymphatic flow by 20 times, thus significantly improving the system's ability to eliminate toxins and infectious materials. Studies have certified that lymphatic drainage is a way to treat medical benefits in a wide range of lymphedema problems.
If you are a generally healthy person, simple lymphatic drainage can help you recover from a cold faster or get rid of fatigue more easily. Lymphatic drainage can be performed on the feet, hands, or abdomen. 

How to perform manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a light massage that applies light pressure to the lymph nodes. Massage at the points where they are found stimulates the release of toxins from the ganglia. Also, one of the main effects of this procedure is skin toning. In addition to massaging the lymph nodes, the route of the lymphatic vessels for drainage will be massaged. 
The effects of lymphatic drainage
By manually stimulating the lymphatic system in lymph drainage sessions, you can benefit from the following results:
  • improving the ability of the lymphatic system to process a volume 20 times higher than normal;
  • improving speed through lymph nodes, processing a larger volume of catabolism products, dead cells, excess protein or toxins
  • improving lymphocyte production, thus improving the body's ability to fight infection
  • activating the parasympathetic system, thus causing the global relaxation of the body.
Masaj de drenaj limfatic Masaj drenaj sistem limfatic
Stimulare manuala a sistemului limfatic Stimularea manuala a sistemului limfatic

Contraindications: if you suffer from diseases of the lymphatic or vascular system, an oncological disease, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a specialist before doing lymphatic massage sessions. 

Centrokinetic has a very experienced team in the field of physiotherapy, specialized in sports traumatology, accredited in Tecar therapy, dynamic taping, massage, Graston technique, Kinesio Tape, ERGON, flossing band.

Our team has attended numerous overspecialized courses with trainers from the country and abroad, being certified to perform therapies at the highest level. The experience gained in recent years has meant treating over 150 patients per month.

Our team has worked with countless performance athletes, helping them to return to the sport that consecrated them, being highly appreciated by the Romanian national rugby team, the CSA Steaua Bucharest rugby team, the athletes from Absoluto, the Romanian Federation of Fights, but also by many others.

Info: Centrokinetic doesn't work with The National Insurance House, so we don't receive referral tickets. 

About Centrokinetic

Centrokinetic clinic offers all services necessary for a complete rehabilitation process, from the first consultation to the medical specialist to establish the correct diagnosis, to treatment and recovery.

Centrokinetic is the place where you will find clear answers and solutions for your motricity problems. The clinic is dedicated to osteoarticular conditions and is divided into the following departments:

  • Orthopedics, a department composed of an extremely experienced team of orthopedic doctors, led by Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, primary care physician in orthopedics-traumatology, with surgical activity at Medlife Orthopedic Hospital, specialized in sports traumatology and ankle and foot surgery.
  • Pediatric orthopedics, where children's sports conditions are treated (ligament and meniscus injuries), spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis) and those of the feet (hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, equine larynx, flat valgus, hollow foot).
  • Neurology, which has an ultra-performing department, where consultations, electroencephalograms (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) are performed. 
  • Medical recovery  for adults and  children, department specialized in the recovery of performance athletes, in spinal disorders, in the recovery of children with neurological and traumatic diseases. Our experience is extremely rich, treating over 5000 performance athletes.
  • Medical imaging, the clinic being equipped with ultrasound and MRI, high-performance devices dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders, and complemented by an experienced team of radiologists: Dr. Sorin Ghiea and Dr. Cosmin Pantu, specialized in musculoskeletal imaging.

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