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Tecar Winback

Article written by: ANDREI BOGDAN, MD, Orthopedics-traumatology doctor

What is TECAR Winback therapy?

TECAR Winback therapy is a non-invasive procedure that is based on high-frequency energy. Centrokinetic has the equipment and qualified staff to offer you this type of therapy. TECAR Winback procedures are internationally recognized for the variety of conditions that accelerate healing.

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What is the role of WinEC TECAR therapy?

Due to its processes and equipment, Winback TECAR therapy helps to improve the effects of procedures performed by therapists. From the first TECAR Winback therapy session, you will feel effects on your pain level, on your mobility, and you will feel your tissues revascularized. 

Winback therapy allows rehabilitation up to twice as fast as a classic treatment. Winback therapy is a physiological bio-accelerator that increases the action of the physiotherapist, who combines manual techniques with Winback energy. You will see immediate results from the first rehabilitation session (gain in mobility, pain relief, revascularization).

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Winback therapy can be used in several areas:

Orthopedics and medical recovery: arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lumbar/cervical discopathy, epicondylitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, sciatica.

Aesthetic gynecology: can be used both intravaginally and at the vulva for a rejuvenation of the intimate female area, with the following actions:

  • Decreases pain: Winback energy acts on nociceptors, thus blocking nerve impulses and causing the secretion of endorphins. It has an immediate analgesic effect and lasts for more than 48 hours after treatment.
  • Decreases pelvic blood pressure: WINBACK energy improves blood pressure (contractures, edema, fibrosis) by local revascularization. Regain flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Accelerates the healing process: WINBACK energy accelerates the body's natural self-repair system by promoting intracellular and extracellular communication in a sustainable way. The benefits of treatment continue after the session.

Dermato-aesthetics: Due to its stimulating and draining action, the therapy offers real benefits in terms of beauty. Acting at the center of the skin's ecosystem, Winback energy has a unique anti-aging effect that encourages collagen synthesis. Bioback regeneration action is a real skin rejuvenation experience: it tones wrinkles to give your patients a skin full of natural radiance. As for the stimulating action of Thermoback, it activates the metabolism and optimizes the release of fatty deposits and toxins to give them an ideal shape. Winback Beauty brings nature and science back together to create a unique beauty experience. 

Centrokinetic Clinic has one of the most advanced recovery systems in Bucharest, with a team of physiotherapists with over 15 years of experience. Our medical team worked with countless performance athletes, helping them to return to the sport that consecrated them, being highly appreciated by the Romanian national rugby team, the CSA Steaua Bucharest rugby team, the athletes from Absoluto, but also by many others.


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