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Vojta Therapy

Vojta therapy addresses premature babies (starting with 28 weeks), newborns at risk, children, and adolescents with neurological disorders, posture, or orthopedic conditions. This therapy is useful for inactive children or for those who feel muscle weakness. When normal movements such as gripping, standing, and walking are not primarily learned, practiced, and trained, Vojta therapy helps to learn them through basic movements. Thus, patients who have suffered injuries to the central nervous system or locomotor system will regain their freedom of movement through therapy, through reflex movements and pressure applied with precise direction, in different positions.

Vojta therapy is performed within the Specialized Pediatric Medical Recovery department, which covers an area of ​​100 m2, has ultra-modern equipment, and consists of a team of specialists. 

In the Specialized Pediatric Medical Recovery Department we are glad to have  Ruxandra Tudosoiu in our team. She is overspecialized in Schroth therapy for the treatment of scoliosis, with 7 years of experience, fully involved in recovering patients. We have Sorina Micu, a physiotherapist passionate about working and interacting with children, overspecialized in Schroth therapy, which aims to prevent or recover from disabilities due to some conditions or injuries, Anne Iordanescu , physiotherapist specializing in pediatric rehabilitation and Ana Coman, with over 3 years of experience in this field. 

The department covers an area of ​​100 sq. meters, has ultra-modern equipment and consists of a team of specialists. Besides our 4 physiotherapists, we enjoy the presence of doctors Orlando Marinescu and Tomescu Cezar, pediatric orthopedic doctors, but also of psychologists Elena Florea and Carmen Hotar, specialists who help us in diagnosing children, in developing treatments, psychological counseling of children and parents, speech therapy and social and family integration of all children. 

Vojta therapy is accredited in Romania by the National Center for Professional Development Bucharest. 

The benefits of Vojta Therapy

Vojta therapy is beneficial in various diseases such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis, brachial plexus paresis, various muscle diseases, spina bifida or dysplasia, and hip dislocations, and its effect is visible in different areas: skeletal muscle, face, mouth, respiratory functions, and the vegetative nervous system.

Depending on the case, we can obtain different results: the spine will be extended and rotated segmentally and will function better, the head will be moved more freely, the joints will be centered, especially those of the hips and shoulders, the vicious positions will be reduced, and the hands and feet will be more precisely involved for the support and gripping function.

Other direct benefits are enlarged chest, wider breathing, improved sleep rhythm, regulation of bowel and bladder function. Also, the perception will change, the orientation in space becoming better, the balance reaction being improved, and the concentration becoming more flexible and long-lasting. 

Duration of Vojta Therapy

For Vojta therapy to be successful, it must be performed several times a day (up to 4 times). It is important to repeat just to get used to the rolling and crawling reflex.
A session lasts between 5 and 20 minutes.  

Besides the intensity of the exercises, the frequency and accuracy of the movements determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Vojta therapist establishes the program and sets the immediate goals together with the parents. The parents must learn the treatment techniques to initiate the treatment at home as soon as possible. During therapy, which can last for weeks, months, or even years, Vojta therapists must support the parents. The treatment schedule, dosage, and breaks will be adapted to the patient's development. 

Vojta therapy is contraindicated in:

Acute febrile diseases
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Heart or muscle disease
  • Pregnancy
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You can find here a detailed list of the prices of individual services. But any correct recovery process is based on a mixed plan of therapies and procedures, customized according to the condition, stage of the condition, patient profile, and other objective medical factors. As a result, in order to configure a treatment plan, with the therapies involved and the prices related to the plan, please make an appointment here for an initial consultation.



Because in our clinic every treatment is based on a diagnosis and is done under medical supervision.
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