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As in any other field in which the happiness on the client's face illustrates the performance of the service, medical recovery also finds its satisfaction in the smile of patients who have regained their mobility. We want to be a constant support for them and encourage transparency regarding similar medical procedures and experiences.

The testimonials of patients who came to our clinic are just some of the reasons for pride and enthusiasm that motivate us every day to do our job to the highest standards.

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CENTROKINETIC - FC RAPID 1923 partnership

Centrokinetic has concluded an official partnership with the Fc Rapid team to provide medical support to the team. All players are medically evaluated, paraclinical investigated by ultrasound and MRI, and treated at our clinic. We want to contribute to the achievement of the team's objectives. Come on!

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BENNY ADEGBUYI - professional kickboxing fighter

"I came to Centrokinetic out of the desire to be able to improve sports performance, and for the specific recovery of any athlete. The team is extraordinary, I feel very good in this clinic. Thank you to the team!"

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VLAD CHIRICHES - professional football player at Sassuolo and the Romanian National Team

"I thank the medical team of the clinic for the investigations and treatments I had in the conditions of a thigh injury. A professional athlete needs to know he has a medical team with rich experience, by his side."

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DRAGOS GRIGORE - professional football player at Ludogorets and the National Team of Romania

"I arrived at Centrokinetic, suffering an injury in the national team's training camp. Thank you for your professionalism, investigations, and treatments. I congratulate the clinic for the way it treats the performance athletes!"

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CRISTIAN MITREA - professional MMA fighter

"I suffered one of the worst injuries: the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. Everything went perfectly and I had a complete, fast, and extremely efficient recovery. The medical team is extraordinary. Thank you Centrokinetic!"

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MMAMOUTOU N'DIAYE - professional football player at Dinamo and the National Team of Mali

"Thanks, Centrokinetic for all the investigations and treatments. I had a muscular tear, very big. But all my rehabilitation process was nice because of the medical staff. Great team, great devices!"

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CONSTANTIN BUDESCU - professional football player at Astra Giurgiu and at the National Team of Romania

"I thank Dr. Andrei for the support he provided when I got injured. I found a young, ambitious, experienced team at Centrokinetic, which helped me recover quickly and completely. I wish you success!"

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MATTIA MONTINI - professional football player at Dinamo Bucharest

"I had an accident and I was very upset because my pain lasts for about 1 month until I arrived at Centrokinetic. Very professional medical staff: I made all the investigations, and my diagnosis was a little bit complicated. I made all the treatment and in 3 weeks I started to play. Thanks for everything! "


BOGDAN VLADAU - singer, actor

"Thank you Centrokinetic for the provided medical support. I suffered a very painful and persistent shoulder injury. After numerous investigations and treatments, I got rid of the problem, and I was able to resume my professional and sports activity!"

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"I thank Centrokinetic for getting rid of my ankle injury. I struggled for 8 months to get to the clinic, with all sorts of treatments, without a clear diagnosis. I had an MRI, and then the indicated treatments, and I'm very happy. that I managed to dance again and wear heels! "


DENNIS PERJU - professional rugby player in the CSA Steaua team and in the Romanian National Team

"It's a joy to meet you after the operation (LIA knee rupture). Everything went perfectly, and I feel great. I'm glad that there is a clinic in Bucharest dedicated to athletes like me, where things are extremely well set up "The results are fantastic and for us athletes, it is extraordinary that we have found a young team, very experienced by physiotherapists, together with the medical team that is always very close!"


ELVIR KOLJIC - football player for the University of Craiova team

"Thank you guys for all the investigations and treatments you did for me. It helped me a lot, and now I feel more confident in my career. Great team at Centrokinetic, and especially Dr. Pantu Cosmin."


Horatiu Balint - Multiple European and world Ju-Jitsu champion

"I thank the Centrokinetic team for their help every time I had injuries, and there were many. Every time the medical team helped me recover quickly and return to the professional circuit."


Kuselo Moyake - Professional rugby player CSA Steaua - Bankart shoulder dislocation and SLAP injury

"Hi guys.

My name is Kuselo Moyake, I am from South Africa. I play rugby for CSA STEAUA BUCHAREST and I had a very bad accident on my left shoulder, a luxation with tear ligaments. I needed a surgery, and it was made by dr. Andrei and dr. Gican. After this I started rehabilitation program in Centrokinetic, next day. 6 months I worked a lot, and now I feel very good and I am confident to start again to play.

Thank you guys from Centrokinetic, dr. Andrei and dr. Gican! " 


IONEL MELINTE - Professional rugby player CSA Steaua - Recurrent ankle sprain

"I suffered an injury in a match of the national team, and unfortunately I lost 2 very important matches. After this injury, I arrived at Centrokinetic where I was evaluated by MRI and I did 6 weeks of recovery. Currently, I have fully recovered and I re-entered the circuit of the club team and the national team. Thank you to the Centrokinetic team! "


ALINA VUC - multiple medalists at the European and world championships - ACL tear

"It's a joy when you manage to put your foot on the ground. I managed to put it right the day after the operation. There is no right time for an injury. Especially for an athlete who is racing for the Olympics. But with the help of doctor Bogdan Andrei, I have already managed to start the recovery, it will be a race against the clock, but under the guidance of the best specialists from Centrokinetic, I hope that I will be able to fulfill my dream of winning an Olympic medal. I cry a lot about physical therapy, but when I'm not crying in pain, I'm crying in depression. But I have to recover, I have very big plans this year! "

DANI OTIL - TV presenter, enduro, futsal - Cervical spondylosis

"I am very active, I do a lot of sports and I think that enduro is the main cause of spine pain for me. I always wanted a clinic to go to whenever I have a problem, both me and my teammates. I found a wonderful team at Centrokinetic.
Thanks, Ionut, Daniel, but also to the other guys I worked with !! "


ALEXANDRU MATEL - Professional football player - bone edema syndrome

"In 2017 I suffered an injury, apparently mild manifested with knee pain, during the effort, then at every step. Playing at Dinamo Zagreb I was seen both in Croatia and in Germany by several doctors, I performed an MRI and the diagnosis of I had bone edema syndrome, practically an inflammation of the bone due to exertion. It was a difficult period because I went on crutches for 2 months, I did recovery and infiltrations at the knee.
Thank you Dr. Andrei Bogdan for the help! "

JEAN PHILIPPE MENDY - Professional football player - tibia stress fracture

"Hi guys. I had a very rare accident few months ago, when I sarted to have pain on my leg, in running. After X-Ray and medical evaluation, my diagnosis was stress fracture on tibia. I was very surprised by this diagnosis.  I started doing recovery at Centrokinetic under the supervision of dr. Gican Vlad, with physiotherapy and physical exercises. Now I feel much better and I look forward to get to play. Thank you Centrokinetic and dr. Gican Vlad! " 

SAKALIA SOSEFO - Professional rugby player CSA Steaua - Internal collateral ligament rupture

"Hi everybody. I feel very good in Romania and I am very trustful in my team CSA Steaua. This year I had an accident in a very hard game with Timisoara, and after this game I arrived to dr. Andrei Bogdan at Centrokinetic. I made an MRI an the result was not so good, I had an medial collateral ligament injury. Doctor told me that it is not necessary a surgery and I started a recovery programme with kinetotherapy team. Everything was very very good, I feed very trustful that this year we will win the title.
Thank you guys from Centrokinetic! " 

CATALIN MARUTA - TV presenter - Metatarsal fracture

"Thanks, Centrokinetic, for the your support. I suffered an injury to my left leg, which initially worried me because I have a very active life: taking care of my children, shows, etc. During this period I had the support of the Centrokinetic team who helped me get over it very easily. "I am feeling great now and I have returned to a normal, hectic, and busy life."

VIOREL LUCACI - Professional rugby player (ROMANIA national team, captain of the CSA Steaua team) - Posterior cruciate ligament tear, internal collateral ligament tear, internal meniscus injury

"In 2017 I suffered a rather serious injury to my right knee: an opponent fell on me and my knee was forced into total flexion. I felt a crack and a strong pain, and from that moment I knew that the match was over. I immediately arrived at Centrokinetic, for a consultation with Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, who, after examining my knee, told me that there was a serious problem with the posterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament. We performed an MRI that confirmed the diagnosis. I was honestly very worried but also confident that I would be fine. I knew that my diagnosis was much more serious than in other athletes, being the posterior cruciate ligament.
After a new discussion with the doctor, I decided that I needed to go through an operation and that I needed to recover, wear an orthosis and knee stabilizers.
I immediately started this process which lasted about 15 weeks, with sometimes more intense training than the club team, so I would like to thank the physiotherapists Alin Voica and Stefania Batin for their dedication and the way they work with us, with athletes. I saw countless athletes at the gym, I had 3 more teammates with me, and we all recovered very well. After 4 months I went to France for a detailed assessment of postoperative recovery, and the results were more than satisfactory. The clinic in Clemont allowed me to re-enter sports 5 months after the operation.

Thanks again to the Centrokinetic team and to Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan for everything they have done for me and my team. ”

DANIEL OSMANOVICI - Runner, TV presenter and father - Ligament tear

"What do you think I did when I got injured?" Did I go to the doctor? Did I ask for advice from specialists? No, I went to buy creams, elastic buttocks, and ortho aids, then I continued to run. I did well? No, I was very hurt, because then I partially broke some ligaments and I had to take a break. Consequences? I lost the shape and performance I had managed to reach, I gained weight and, obviously, I was very frustrated. I got seriously injured in November and, because I was ignorant, I lost everything I had managed to achieve.

In the end, I started to do what I had to do from the very beginning: to look for informed opinions, to turn to people who understand the injuries of those who do sports, and to follow their advice. I came across Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan and I got some advice and also injection, then a series of investigations and directions to follow.

The first direction to follow was to go to the Centrokinetic clinic, where Alin Voica is the "master of ceremonies" - with the diagnosis in hand, he drew up the directives. It started by strengthening the muscle groups that support the ankle, then gradually climbed to the rest of the body. The exercises I do now no longer work only the ankle, but are much more complex and seek to prepare my body for heavy competition. What does heavy mean? Well, my next goal is a 250 km staged ultramarathon through the desert landscape of Iceland.

Before this, I had never been in a gym for more than 10 minutes.
I didn't use or understand words like dumbbells, weights, medicine balls, isometry, mattress, or multifunctional before.

Now I stay in the gym for 2 hours.
Now I run a marathon in less than 4 hours.
Now I cross the route from the First Escape in 3 hours.
Now I run 10 km in training in 45 minutes.
Now I pedal 110 km with a 2,000m level difference.
I'm a different man now.
Now I can think about all this because I am supervised and trained correctly at Centrokinetic.

ROBERT CATALIN DASCALU - Professional rugby player (CSA Steaua Bucuresti) - Internal collateral ligament injury

"In 2016 I suffered a rather serious injury to my right knee: an opponent fell on me and my knee was forced in the middle. I felt a crack and a strong pain, and from that moment I knew that the match was over. I immediately arrived at Centrokinetic, at a consultation with Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, who, after examining my knee, told me that there was a problem with the collateral ligament. I had an MRI that confirmed the diagnosis and fortunately, the other ligaments were ok.
After a new discussion with the doctor, I decided that I should not go through an operation and that I should recover and wear an orthosis and knee stabilizers.
AI immediately started this process that lasted about 10 weeks, with sometimes more intense training than the team, so I would like to thank the physiotherapist Alin Voica for his dedication and the way he works with us, with the athletes. I saw countless athletes at the gym, I had 2 more teammates with me, and we all recovered very well.

Thanks again to the Centrokinetic team and Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan for everything they did for me and the team. . ”


TUDOR MIHAITA - Ju Jitsu coach, founding member of Absoluto

"I am Tudor Mihaita, the president and coach of the most medaled Romanian martial arts club in recent years: Absoluto. We have 10 world titles and 17 European titles and over 100 matches in professional MMA (January 2017). We take into account every aspect for obtaining these performances, and one of them is the collaboration with a valuable doctor and a professional recovery center. We were very lucky to meet our destinies with Dr. Bogdan Andrei and his colleagues from Centrokinetic. The professional way in which they approach the medical act gives us the certainty that our athletes can return stronger on the battleground".

FLORIN VLAICU - Professional rugby player - Sprained knee

"I would like to thank the Centrokinetic team for coordinating me in my recovery process. In short, after 3 months of pain and torment, I reached Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, who examined my knee and told me, to my surprise, that in 2 weeks I would be fit to play. I was struggling for a long time and a match of the Romanian Cup semifinal was coming. I was very happy to hear this news and confidently started the recovery process at the Centrokinetic clinic. They have a wonderful team, young, energetic, they did everything for me to recover and I can say that after 7 days of recovery, I started some very intense training with kt. Alin Voica, much tougher than my team, both for endurance and agility.
The doctor gave me knee infiltrations during recovery, and it helped me a lot morally because together with Alin they gave me the confidence I needed. They are 100% professional.

I played in that semifinal and it was very good, the team won and I finally, I am a new man, energetic, full of life, positive. Thanks to the Centrokinetic team! ””

MIHAI NISTOR - Multiple European and world boxing champion

"I suffered a serious injury in a gala, more precisely I felt that my hand cracked at a blow. I continued to fight with pain, even if I felt that something was wrong. Later I did an x-ray and I realized what happened: I fractured a bone in my hand. I was very upset because the World Boxing Championship was approaching and I was qualified.
I underwent in a recovery program at Centrokinetic, under the guidance of Dr. Andrei Bogdan, probably the only good thing that happened to me during this period. I've worked and I'm working hard, it's very hard, sometimes harder than my normal workouts, it's painful, but I'm just thinking about the fact that I have to get to the Olympics. I thank the Centrokinetic team for the help I receive daily, for the moral support provided by Dr. Andrei Bogdan, and I am convinced that with them I will return even stronger than I was before.

IONUT "PITBULL" ATODIRESEI - The most titled sportsman in kickboxing and MMA Striking - Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

"I had a ruptured ligament during a gala and initially I didn't realize how serious the injury was. Later, I held 2 more fights but as time went on, I realized that I no longer trust my knees. I performed an MRI that confirmed the diagnosis I feared the most, and I reached Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan. After a detailed discussion with the doctor, the decision was made, and in March I had surgery. The next period was quite difficult, not because of the knee but more because I left the circuit, I stayed away from my students and colleagues at Absoluto.

After the surgery, we started the recovery under the guidance of the rehabilitation team from Centrokinetic and the evolution was excellent. I admire them for the devotion they have shown. I was very impressed with the way they work in this recovery process, each one being very well prepared. Thanks to the Centrokinetic team!"

CAMIL MOLDOVEANU - Multiple European and World Champion Ju-Jitsu Newaza - Meniscus suture surgery

"When it comes to health, I can say that I am a perfectionist. I'm the kind of person who asks many questions and doesn't make a decision until she's 110% sure she's the right one. I was very lucky to meet Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, whom I consider a perfect professional. I found in him a real partner who helped me understand exactly the situation I was in and make the right decision myself.

In my case, the decision was a meniscus suture operation. I hesitated a lot to do this operation, but now, more than a month later, I find it is the best thing that happened to me. The recovery sessions I do at the Centrokinetic clinic, together with Alin, help me a lot, and now I feel my leg stronger than ever.

I confidently recommend that you turn to this wonderful team and recover in a modern unit, which values the quality of services and the relationship between physical therapist and patient. The most important aspect, which I think is unique in the country, is that I came across a team that offered me a complete solution and took responsibility from the control to the operation and the entire recovery process until I return on the tatami. Thanks to the whole team for their help!"

Find out what patients who have crossed our threshold say about their process of recovery and sports reintegration at the Centrokinetic clinic in Bucharest.

IONUT "BOMBARDIERUL" PASCU - Professional Fighter of Mixed Martial Arts - Anterior cruciate ligament rupture

"In 2015, we had a severe injury. I suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament before. I did not know on whose hands to be operated. As a performance athlete, who earns his living from this, you must always go safe with your health and have the best surgery and postoperative recovery in case of such an event.

Meeting Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan, I understood from the beginning that he is the man I am looking for. The man who can put me on my feet and bring me back to where I was before this injury. I had the best advice, an excellent operation and a faster recovery than I expected. The mental counseling also weighed a lot, and two months after I had a successful procedure, I returned to training. My knee was perfect, and I didn't feel any pain. The force also returned to its maximum in the 3rd month to rely again on the high kicks.

It's been one year since the operation, and I'm stronger than ever. I am now in Ireland, where I train at one of the world's most prestigious MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms. I thank Dr. Andrei Ioan Bogdan for everything he has done for me from the bottom of my heart. Special thanks also to physiotherapists Alina Georgiana Iatan and Alin Voica for their efforts to help me recover. "

Find out what patients are saying who crossed our threshold about their process of recovery and sports reintegration at the Centrokinetic clinic in Bucharest.

RAZVAN GAVRILA - Luptator de Arte Martiale Mixte – Accidentare la mana

“Am suferit o urata accidentare la mana in timpul unei competitii de Jiu Jitsu Brazilian. Mana mea a trosnit ca o creanga, necesitam o operatie urgenta. Am inceput sa ma gandesc serios la urmari si sa ma intreb: “Oare cat de repede voi putea reveni pe saltea?”. Doctorul Andrei Ioan Bogdan m-a sprijinit extraordinar de mult, iar siguranta pe care mi-a transmis-o inainte de operatie m-a ajutat enorm. Am fost operat si totul a decurs perfect.

Sfaturile pe care le-am primit ulterior de la dansul au cantarit enorm in evolutia pe care am avut-o. Sedintele de recuperare m-au ajutat sa imi recapat in totalitate mobilitatea si sa scap de toate durerile. In curand voi reveni la antrenamente, iar aceasta bucurie pe care o simt am tinut sa o impartasesc cu toti vizitatorii acestui site. Vreau sa multumesc intregii echipe de kinetoterapeuti. Acesti oameni minunati merita tot respectul si ii voi recomanda de fiecare data cand voi avea ocazia”.

Descopera ce spun pacientii care ne-au trecut pragul despre procesul lor de recuperare si reintegrare sportiva la clinica Centrokinetic din Bucuresti


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