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Doppler Ultrasound For Limbs

Article written by: CRISTINA NEAGU, MD, Vascular surgery doctor

What is a doppler ultrasound of the limbs?

Doppler ultrasound for limbs is a non-invasive, non-radiant and painless scanning method, that provides accurate images of blood vessels, their structure and their dimensions. This ultrasound measures blood flow (direction, speed, volume) from arteries or veins.

It is part of the normal ultrasound examination and does not require any additional preparation from the patient.

Centrokinetic has a dedicated vascular surgery department, coordinated by Mrs. Dr. Neagu Cristina, primary doctor of vascular surgery, specialized in diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

Why you should do the Doppler ultrasound for limbs?

The reasons for this investigation may be different, as evaluation of the efficiency of blood flow through veins in patients who have varicose veins, or through arteries, in patients with risk factors for their narrowing (diabetics, smokers, the elderly). You can also check for blood clots vase.

This investigation is recommended for people who have:

  • Varicose veins;
  • Numbness or strange sensations of the hands or feet;
  • Muscle pain when walking or demanding activities of the arms;
  • Swelling in the lower limbs or superior accompanied by redness and pain.

How is this investigation performed?

The patient should undress from the waist down (if it is an ultrasound of the lower limbs) or at the waist up (if an ultrasound of the upper limbs is done), then lie on his back. A probe will be used by the doctor on the patient's arms or legs, using a special gel which helps the ultrasound to be better transmitted through the skin.

The probe is connected by a wire to a processing machine ultrasound and displays images on a screen. Pulsations of the ultrasound is sent using the probe through the skin and up to the structures in depth, then return like echoes and are recorded by the ultrasound in real time, so that the images it adds up and shows not only the structure but also the movement of the vessels (pulsations of the walls and blood circulation). The doctor was walking probe on the patient's arms or legs to get images as clear as possible and to see the veins or arteries on their entire trajectory, from the root of the arms or thighs to on the hands or feet.

Duration of the examination

The analysis can take between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on image clarity and the number of special measurements necessary. No special training is required for ultrasound of limb vessels, the patient can eat, drink and take your medication normally both before and after This one. It is important to know that ultrasound does not show no risk, is not invasive and can be repeated without worries as many times as needed (unlike radiography or CT, no involves radiation).

Price of the Doppler ultrasound of the limbs

You can find here a detailed price list for our services.



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